corpo-teto corpo-chão

Paralelo Gallery, 986 Artur de Azevedo, São Paulo (2013)

A conceptual work involving the body as main support will be presented at Paralelo Gallery in São Paulo. This is Body-floor Body-ceiling, an unprecedented performance conceived and performed by Angela Freiberger. The performance lasts one hour and is part of the exhibition of the same name that also brings Freiberger photographs and sculptures curated by João Paulo Siqueira Lopes and Maria Vittoria Oliveira. In performance, Angela is sustained by a structure made of white fabrics, and interacts with the audience through questions “materialized” in wool and paper. On occasion she will wear a dress with tail over 2.5 m in length, which brings inside it the single beam of light that shines the gallery.


Blouin Artinfo, review by Fergs Heinzelmann
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