the 4th annual nyc anarchist art festival

The Living Theatre (2012)


ANARCHO ART LAB AND FRIENDS SATURDAY APRIL 21, 11 PM at the Living Theatre, 21 Clinton St. NYC

Judith Malina, Brad Burges, Dominique Vautren, Isabelle Pittet, Vlad Teichberg, David First, Tara and David Gladen, Angela Freiberger, Raquel Mavecq, Emil, Jarvis Earnshaw, Jelena Opacic, Decrepit jaw, Spicoli, Shellei Hirsch, Ursula, Scherer, Ife Niklaus, Adriana Varella, Ideosynchronic and friends, Heather Dewey-Hagbor, Thomas Dexter, Ellie Irons, dan Phiffer, Matthew Raduney, Jorge Richard Freund, and many others…