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Blue Mayan Rope 1

2010 Central Park, New York
Photography by Gianina Jimenez Barrantes

Collaboration with Marco Teodosio. This performance is a reference of the film “Dolls” by the Japanese director Takeshi Kitano.

This performance projected at four hands meets the desire of expressing the profound allusion of blue as bridge, represented by a blue Mayan rope, that acts as point of spatial tension attached to the body.
Bounded by their will, with the bodies attached, by the hair, hands and toes they discover possibilities, either to run from each other, or to be close when the bridge/blue rope- shortens the distance within the bodies.
The blue with his magnetic print give the pace and the rhythm to the action. The aesthetic meaning of the color, the blue Mayan, gives meaning to the action, reveals what before was embodied in silence.
With the blue we are connected by the sky in the earth. Every time we meet an airplane crossed the sky, in every meeting an opportunity to redeem the sorrows and rejoice. Encounter of lives, and faiths, in the eternity of a moment that goes beyond all action.