teaser corpo-teto corpo-chão


Body-floor Body-ceiling, curated by João Paulo Siqueira Lopes and Maria Vittoria Oliveira. At the performance, Angela is sustained by a structure made of white fabrics, and interacts with the audience through questions “materialized” in wool and paper. On the occasion she wears a dress with tail over 2.5 m in length, which brings inside it the single beam of light that shines the gallery.
This work is part of Angela research, who has been studying the body as an instrument, the relationship between beings of different atmospheres, the transition between the mental state and the real, between the physical and the concrete. The performance aims to intrigue the audience with random questions but simultaneously exciting and temporal that permeates the everyday life. The idea is to awaken unespected sensations. Consequently, destroying the hierarchy between artist and spectator, work and space, high and low.
The performance, in turn, brings the remaining third element of my research: the viewer – for that relationship that subverts the triangle artist / artwork / viewer. So, first we have an artist developing his work, in second an artist understanding his labor and third an artist opening his work to be exploited and interacted by the public.


Camera: Francisca Thome